soroptimist International

of Fort bragg

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Programme focus 2007-2011

Soroptimists will ensure that women and girls:                            
Enjoy equity and equality
Live in safe and
healthy environments
Have access to education
Have leadership and practical skills

Eliminate poverty and gender discrimination through ensuring women's full social and economic rights (ESD)
End human trafficking and all forms of violence against women and girls (HSW)
Ensure access to health care for women and girls (Health)
Support programs and policies that would eliminate HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and other major diseases (Health)
Improve access to clean water, sanitation and essential food resources (ENV)
Mitigate the effects of climate change and integrate sustainability into personal choices and governmental policies and programs (ENV)
Meet the needs of women and girls during and after armed conflicts, man-made and natural disasters (IGU)
Promote peaceful processes for conflict resolution through encouragement of intercultural and inter-racial tolerance and condemnation of all forms of genocide and terrorism (IGU)
Ensure equal access to education and training throughout their life span (ED)
Enable women's advancement in management, politics and decision making (ESD)


Through international

partnerships and a global

network of members,

Soroptimists inspire action

and create opportunities to

transform the lives of

women and girls by:

Advocating for equity and

equality; Creating safe and

healthy environments;

Increasing access to

education; Developing

leadership and practical

skills for a

sustainable future.


ESD - Economic and Social Development

ED - Education

ENV - Environment

H - Health

HRSW - Human Rights and Status of Women

IGU - International Goodwill and Understanding